At Socionalitica we believe that research and knowledge are universal tools that should be accessible to everyone.


We strive to design high quality research products that are simple in their execution yet powerful in their content and analysis.

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Dr. Navarro-Rivera is the political research director working with political and social justice organizations


Black Futures Lab

Black Census Project

Socioanalítica Research was the research partner of the Black Census Project, the largest survey of Black Americans since Reconstruction with over 30,000 respondents. Socioanalítica Research designed the data collection methodology: an approach that included coordination with over 100 grassroots organizers who collected responses in-person and collection of the online survey responses. Currently, Socioanalítica Research manages this large database and analyzes data for partners and reports.

Black to the Future Action Fund

Covid-19 Dashboard

Socioanalítica Research designs, analyzes and updates the Black to the Future Action Fund’s Covid-19 Dashboard. The dashboard provides real-time evidence about the extent of the coronavirus pandemic in Black communities in the United States, helping one of the most affected groups in the country to track how widespread the virus is in their states and counties.

Secular Voices Survey

The 2020 Secular Voices Survey is a nationally representative study that provides a unique and nuanced understanding of the relationship between the secular population, the organizations that serve and mobilize them, and their impact in politics.


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